About Us

Founded in 1876, the Mangalore Club sits cosily in picturesque surroundings on the banks of the Nethravati river. It combines the hoary clubbing traditions of The Raj and those of modern and progressive India. Boasting of excellent modern facilities whilst continuing to retain its Old World charm, the Club is a much sought after place for its members, many of whom are prominent citizens of the city of Mangalore.

Mangalore Club has always prided itself on being a family club and it has always striven to maintain that image. Towards this end, most of the club’s activities involve the spouses and children, who are encouraged to visit the club regularly. The presence of a swimming pool, shuttle court, billiards and table tennis ensure that the children are kept occupied.

Over recent years, the club has seen phenomenal growth and our membership has grown to nearly 500 members now. This quantitative growth has not been at the expense of quality and we are proud to have people of integrity and calibre on our rolls.

Amidst the throb of the city, the Mangalore club offers a calm haven of serenity, where one can unwind after the days hard labour.