Honorary Members

The Committee of Management may invite persons of distinguished positions who in their opinion will contribute to the benefit of the Club, subject to the following conditions.

  • Members proposed should be residents of Mangalore Taluk and employed in senior official capacities in Central or State Government services or undertakings.
  • Honorary members so admitted shall lose their membership on their transfer outside Mangalore Taluk limits or on retirement or by virtue of Rule 5 of the Rules and Regulations.
  • There shall be a maximum of fifteen such honorary members at any one time in the club. Always provided that there shall be not more than one honorary member from the same service or department (central or state) except the department of law and order of the state, preference being normally given to the officers of the highest rank in the service / department and limited to three.
  • Honorary Members shall have full use of the Club except the right to vote at any General Body Meeting or a ballot held to admit members and they shall not be eligible to propose new Members or hold any office in the Club including that of a Committee Member.
  • All bills and dues of the Club shall be settled on presentation of the relative bills as in the case of ordinary members.
  • Honorary Members shall be exempt from the payment of the Club Entrance Fee and monthly subscription.