Permanent Members

Every candidate who applies for permanent membership shall satisfy the following conditions.

(a) He /She should be a permanent resident of Mangalore and shall reside within Mangalore City Corporation Limits.

(b) He / She shall produce any one of the following as proof of residence.

  1. Employment letter with location.
  2. Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving Licence, Ration Card.

(c) Birth certificates / proof of age of all his / her children.

(d) The managing committee shall have the right to reject any application if it is not convinced that the candidate is a permanent and current resident of Mangalore City.  The decision of the Managing committee shall be final.

(e) Rule (a) and (d) shall not apply to sons and daughters of permanent members of not less than ten years standing, life members and privileged spouse members who are eligible.

     The admission of permanent member shall be by ballot.  Every candidate for election to permanent membership must be proposed by one permanent member and seconded by 5 permanent members, all of whom should have been members of the club for not less than 60 calendar months, none of whom shall be members of the Managing Committee.  No member shall propose or second more than one candidate in one financial year.

Every candidates name, address and occupation together with the names of his/her proposer and seconders shall stand posted on the Notice Board of the Club for a period of four weeks before the Managing Committee interviews the candidate for balloting.

A candidate for permanent membership who has been found eligible by the Managing Committee shall be admitted as a Member Pending Ballot for a minimum period of 30 days, subsequent to which balloting will commence and will be co

A candidate rejected for membership may again be proposed for membership after a period of two years from the date of closing of ballot in which he/she was rejected.

Every candidate’s name and address and occupation, together with the names of his / her proposer and seconder, shall stand posted on the Notice Board of the Club for a period of 4 weeks during which the Ballot shall be open for voting.

Ballot papers signed by the Secretary or Joint Secretary and one other Committee Member, should be available at the Club Office and members should collect ballot papers after signing receipt for the same in the register provided for the purpose.  The Ballot paper duly marked for or against in the appropriate column will be deposited in the Ballot Box during the period the Ballot Box is kept open as aforesaid.  No Ballot paper can be taken outside the Club Office by any person whomsoever.

The Ballot Box shall be available for voting during the office hours of the Club.

For every dissenting vote three assenting votes shall be cancelled and shall not be counted, and unless a minimum four valid assenting votes remain, the candidature will be deemed to have been rejected.

After the expiry of four weeks the ballot box shall be opened at the meeting of the Committee and the results declared and recorded by the Committee.

If it appears that there has been any irregularity or deviation from the prescribed rules in the conduct of the ballot, the result shall not be declared, but the ballot box shall be sealed up and submitted with a report to the Committee.  If, the committee declares the ballot void, a fresh ballot shall be held forthwith.  The decision of the Committee as to whether a candidate has been duly elected or not shall be final.

Every new member on admission shall be given a copy of the Club Rules and Regulations.

A candidate may withdraw before the ballot commences by a written communication to that effect addressed by himself/herself or his/her proposer to the Honorary Secretary.