Privileged Spouse Members

If a permanent member dies during the subsistence of his/her membership, the spouse of such deceased member may in writing make an application to the Committee with a request to be admitted as a Privileged Spouse Member and such spouse may be enrolled as Privileged Spouse Member without being balloted at the Managing Committee Meeting.  Such admitted spouse member shall be required to pay such monthly subscription as the Committee may specify from time to time, subject to a minimum of Rs. 50/-.

The Privileged Spouse Member shall have all the Privileges of the Club and be bound by all duties of a Permanent member, provided that:

  1. Application for admittance to Privileged Spouse Membership should be made within 24 calendar months of the demise of the permanent member.
  2. Such member upon admittance
    1. shall have no right to propose or second any one for membership except as a guest.
    2. shall have no right to form quorum or to vote at any Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club.
    3. shall have no right to hold any office.
    4. is liable for disciplinary action like any class of members.
    5. shall cease to be a member of the Club on re-marriage.