Temporary Members

There shall be one class of Temporary Members called ‘Temporary Member’.

The term of a Temporary Member shall be for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 3 years.

A person wishing to obtain temporary membership in the club should apply to the club enclosing a copy of the letter from his/her employer transferring him/her to Mangalore. The letter is a condition precedent and cannot be waived under any circumstances. No self employed professionals are eligible under this category. Eligibility of government employees is restricted to heads of the local office / factory. Govt. employees must submit a NOC from their superior permitting them to apply for temporary membership.

The person proposed should not be a resident of Dakshina Kannada District and should be screened and approved for admission by the Managing Committee by a simple majority.

On admission as such, before enjoying the facilities of the Club, the Temporary Member shall pay to the Club such a sum as may be decided by the Committee, not being less than Rs.50000/- as security deposit which shall not be adjusted towards periodic bills raised on the Temporary Member but is liable to be refunded without interest one month after such person ceases to be a Temporary Member provided there are no outstandings on him.  He/She shall also pay every month such amounts as monthly subscription as may be decided by the Committee from time to time, but it shall not be less than Rs.500 per month.  These subscriptions are not refundable.

The person so admitted and becoming a Temporary Member shall lose his/her membership on his/her transfer from the District or on retirement or on expiry of a period of three years from the date of admission by virtue of Rule 5 of Rules and Regulations.

Always provided that the total membership of this category put together on any day shall not constitute more than 10 percent of the total Permanent Members of the Club on the rolls at the time of admitting such person as Temporary Member.

A Temporary Member shall be entitled to the full facilities of the Club if he/she has paid the initial security amount, is not in arrears of monthly subscription and has not kept any bills outstanding but he/she shall not have the right to participate in any manner in any administrative deliberations of the Club including committee meetings, general meetings etc. nor shall he/she have the right to vote in any such meeting or a Ballot held to admit members.  He/She shall not be eligible to propose new members or hold any office in the Club or any of its committees.

In case a temporary member applies for permanent membership he/she shall cease to be a temporary member of the club with immediate effect.