The Morgan Room

The Morgan Room is an air conditioned Hall where most of the Clubs’ functions , members parties and receptions are held.It has the twin advantage of having an adjoining open space, which can accommodate double the number of members and their invitees.With seating arrangements in the Hall and outside and an umbrella shaped open air bar it is ideal for large parties and gatherings.The Hall and the Lawns together can comfortably host 300 guests.


  1. Bookings:
    1. Bookings for The Morgan Room (A/C hall) can be made in advance.
    2. Members must pay the equivalent of the rent charges for the above locations and fill up the required form in person within 48 hours of telephonic booking.
    3. If you are hosting a party of over 50 people, the food order must be placed at least 48 hours in advance. If the party has less than 50 people, the food order must be placed at least 24 hours in advance. Spot orders cannot be entertained as it causes tremendous inconvenience and delay to our members who are using the club dining facilities
  2. Categories: Parties have been categorized as follows:
    1. Category A: For members and their family (Family includes spouse, parents and dependent children).
    2. Category B: Other than those falling in category A.
  3. Tariff:
    1. Rentals:
      1. The Morgan Room (AC Hall): Category A – Rs.4,000/-  Category B – Rs.10,000/-
      2. The Morgan Room (AC Hall) and Lawns can be booked together   : Charges will be as a sum of above.
    2. Cancellation Charges:
      1. 10% of the applicable rent if cancelled more than 7 days of date of booking.
      2. 50% of the rent if cancelled between 72 hours and 7 days
      3. 100% of the rent if cancelled before 72 hours.
    3. Other Charges:
      1. For external catering, Rs. 50 per person for Category A & Rs. 60 per person for Category B will be charged extra.  External catering will not be permitted on the Pool Side Terrace.
      2. For parties catered by the Club, food and beverages (F & B) will be charged at actual. 5% service charge on F & B is being levied for Category A and Category B.
      3. Members shall remit payment for either category of parties within 48 hours of the event. Payment can be made by cheques / DD’s or credit / debit cards or by bank transfers only if the bill amount exceeds Rs. 20,000/-.  Credit bills will be issued at the end of the party or on the next day.

Note: Rates are subject to change without prior notice and taxes will be extra as applicable.

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  1. The member hosting the party / event must be present during the entire duration of the party / event and sign on the bill presented at the end.  Guest signatures on party bill are invalid.
  2. Dj / live music are permitted subject to noise levels being within permissible limits. The Club reserves the right to disallow extremely loud music. Dance music up to 11.30 pm followed by soft music up to 12.00 midnight.
  3. Sound/lighting will be sourced only from Club approved vendors and must be paid for by the members.
  4. Day parties can commence from 11.00 am and shall cease by 3.00 pm.  Night parties can commence by 7.30pm and cease by 12.00 midnight.  Liquor and food service shall cease by 11.30 pm.  Music shall cease by 12.00 midnight. The premises must be vacated by 1.00 am.
  5. The Gazebo Bar and the lower lawns can be utilized for Category ‘A’ parties only.  These areas cannot be utilized for Category ‘B’ parties.
  6. Banners/placards are not permitted outside of the areas being used for the party.
  7. Guests will park cars outside of those areas designated as Members parking.
  8. Guests are not permitted to loiter around the club premises and must confine themselves to the party area. Boisterous and unruly behavior will not be permitted.
  9. Members and guest must follow the Clubs dress code.  The Club reserves the right to evict those improperly dressed.
  10. Any damages and breakage to Club property will be to the members account.
  11. Wines & Spirits are not permitted to be brought into the Club.  These will be purveyed only by the Club.
  12. If external catering is used the caterer must remove all serving vessels and equipments before leaving the premises.
  13. A fine of 25% of the total bill will be levied for violations of the above rules.
  14. Fireworks and Fire Lanterns are not permitted in the premises.
  15. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Hon. Secretary will be binding on the member.

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